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KUNSUN’s portfolio of TPU solutions provides superior properties and benefits for hose, tube  Compounding, footwear, hose and tube, wheels and caster, injection parts and automotive parts applications

  • Footware
  • Compound
  • Tubes and Hoses
    Tubes and Hoses
  • Wheels and Caster
    Wheels and Caster
  • Injection Parts
    Injection Parts
  • Automotive Parts
    Automotive Parts
  • B-400 Series
    B-400 Series
  • B-700 Series
    B-700 Series
  • S-600 Series
    S-600 Series
  • S-100 Series
    S-100 Series
  • E-300 Series
    E-300 Series
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KUNSUN POLYMER MATERIAL(FUJIAN)CO., LTD. is a manufacturer, sales, marketing and technical development of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). KOSLEN TPU is commonly used in shoes, tube, medical products, Wearable electronics, wheels, automotive parts, injection parts, compound. With 24000 tons of annual production capacity and strong finical, every customers’ orders can be put into execution in short lead time. Since the establishment, the company has been upholding the business philosophy of “pursuing excellence, service-oriented and sustainable development”. For 27 years, our 4 subcompanies have been work on contributing to give our customers the most reliable, relevant and cost-effective TPU. Our good long term and mutual development relationship with suppliers, customers, and logistics companies results in timely responses, lower costs, and flexibility. Our outstanding R&D, management capability result in proactive, flexible customer service. Our world wide branches result in short turnaround times follow-up if issues arise. Taiwan factory was established in 1993 Fuzhou factory was established in 2001 Dongguan Factory was established in 2004 Quanzhou factory was established in 2010 TEL:+86-0595-27815388 FAX:+86-0565-87257755 ADD:Petrochemical light industry community, Wangchuan Town, Huian Couty, Quanzhou City, China
  • Cost Effective Cost Effective

    Our long term good relationship with suppliers, customers, and logistics companies results in timely responses, lower costs, and flexibility

  • Flexibility Flexibility

    Our outstanding R&D, management capability result in proactive, flexible customer service.

  • Process Stability Process Stability

    All batches maintaining good and stable mechanical properties, Keep stable easy processing for customers.

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Founded in 2010, it is a professional manufacturer mainly producing thermoplastic elastomers. The products are all TPU, TPR, TPV, TPE and other thermoplastic elastomers.

KUNSUN return to work and sets sail in 2022
KUNSUN return to work and sets sail in 2022

On February 8, 2022 (the eighth day of the first month of the lunar calendar), KUNSUN POLYMER MATERIAL(FUJIAN)CO., LTD. held a commencement ceremony. We hope that the company will take a new starting point and create a new glory in 2022. At 9 o'clock in the morning that day, the first batch of employees who come back to work dressed neatly and in good spirits gathered at the door of the workshop, and the commencement ceremony kicked off. Every employee pay homage with the wishes of harder work and better paying in the new year. Firecracker is been shaped as the production target quantity of the new year. The sound of firecracker means that the goal will be accomplished in the new year. Every employee get a lovely kick-off bonus. Manager Zhang thanked all the employees for returning to work and assigning work to all employees to start production. On the occasion of the start of construction, we wish friends and partners in and outside the industry business flourishes , wealthy, good health and all the best!

Feb 11, 2022
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  • Chinese New Year Holidays Notice Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

    Dear Customers, Please be informed that our company will be closed from Jan. 25th to Feb. 8th for Lunar New Year holiday. Normal business will resume on Feb. 8th. Any orders placed during the holidays will be produced by  Feb. 8th. To avoid any unwanted delay, please place your order in advance, and the shipping cut-off date is Jan. 25th. In a bid to prevent transmission and control the pandemic, our government encourages companies to make flexible arrangements for the holiday and guide employees to spend the vacation in their workplace. In response to the call of the government, some of us decide to stick to our post. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us by email or phone 8613625980726 and we will get back to you as soon as possible. On the other hand, The pandemic has brought the big disruption in Chemical raw material market and container shipping. AA, MDI, BDO the Chemical material of TPU are shortage as many refineries closed and large-scale destruction from the cold weather. Shipping crisis is getting worse as cargo demand far exceeds available capacity. These two factor push the price of TPU soared in the beginning of 2021. What make matters worse is the energy shortage in the end of the 2021 year in China. The price of TPU keep highest of the year in the end of 2021 year. The industry experts speculate that the TPU price will be lower in the beginning of 2022. We suggest planning your business purchases in the beginning of 2022 when price is lower. Thank you for your understanding and support. We wish you the very best for the New Year!

    Jan 26, 2022
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  • KUNSUN KOSLEN® TPU exhibited at 2021 Chinaplas KUNSUN KOSLEN® TPU exhibited at 2021 Chinaplas

    From April 13th to 16th, CHINAPLAS International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries was held in Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. This exhibition covered 16 exhibition halls of Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center with 350,000 square meters of exhibition space. More than 3,600 global high-quality rubber and plastics suppliers participated. Exhibitors bring in more than 3800 mechanical products and massive innovative material technology. A total of 152,134 exhibitors attended the exhibition during 4 days of the exhibition.Chinaplas has been developing for many years, and it has gradually transformed from a trading platform that connects both supply and demand to a professional display and exchange platform for future technology. In addition to releasing outstanding high-performance plastics, intelligent manufacturing, environmental protection and recyclable solutions, this exhibition also introduced more than 290 global or Asian hot spot technologies. With the theme of "New Era·New Power·Sustainable Innovation", this Chinaplas exhibition gathered a large number of innovative solutions for rubber and plastics. The exhibition stimulated the industry and mainly show 5 key technologies which including 5G rubber and plastic, circular economy green technology, industry 4.0 intelligent technology, high-performance materials and special engineering plastics, reinforced carbon fiber resin composite materials, and solutions that provide greater flexibility in product design Program.At this exhibition, KUNSUN exhibited thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer TPU which features with good biological stability, good adaptability, high tear strength, processing versatility and recycling processing capabilities. Koslen TPU can be used for production of consumer and medical products. Electronic and electrical and 5G communications products, 3D printing products, industrial parts and other products.Participants in this exhibition are generally interested in TPU for medical use, TPU for car coat film, TPU for calendered film and TPU for compound. KUNSUN original and self-developed grades S-675ALL and S-685ALL for compound were widely welcomed. At the same time, KUNSUN also displayed E-TPU which features with light and soft, resistant to hydrolysis and yellowing, it is making its products a perfect combination of comfort and durability.

    Apr 23, 2021
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  • KUNSUN Polymer invites you to attend the 34th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition in 2021 KUNSUN Polymer invites you to attend the 34th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition in 2021

    CHINAPLAS 2021" will be held in Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center on April 13-16, 2021Chinaplas empowers sustainable development. Sustainable development require the material to be recyclable, easy to recycle and degradable. So, it must research and develop plastic material and alternative plastic material that meet the performance standards, green and economical. Plastic bans and plastic restrictions are implemented globally. The plastic material industry is actively introducing alternative solutions, and innovative technologies such as biodegradable plastics, post-consumer recycling. CHINAPLAS International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries brings together environmental protection and recyclable solutions.For now, there are 3,600+ exhibitors from around the world have confirmed their participation, including Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Taiwan. There are a lot of forward-looking technologies and practical solutions as well as cutting-edge technologies from all over the world will showed at the fair. If you want to find the latest rubber and plastic technology and suppliers, you can click on the upgraded supplier list to get the latest information of suppliers without leaving home19 Theme Zones to Facilitate Successful Sourcing of BuyersExhibition Hall Distribution MapDeadline for pre-registration is 31th Mar 2021. Electronic Exhibitor Certificate will be received 7 days before exhibition.

    Mar 18, 2021
    view moreKUNSUN Polymer invites you to attend the 34th China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition in 2021
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