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Features and applications of Thermoplastic polyurethane Pneumatic pipes
November 13, 2020

Thermoplastic polyurethane is a product between rubber and plastic. It not only has high resilience and resistance to bending, tearing, impact, some non-corrosive chemicals, oils, but also has wear resistance, aging resistance, low temperature resistance, stretch resistance. As can be 100% incinerated into ash it’s a recognized recyclable environmental protection material. These properties of TPU imparts a variety of Outstanding properties to the pneumatic tube:

1.The pipe wall is smooth and uniform, the size of tube OD is stable, and the working life is long

2.Good resilience, small bending radius, easy to install and cut

3.Wear resistance, excellent mechanical properties

4.The transparent tube has high transparency and  internal fluid of tube can be clearly visible

5.Superior color capabilities and does not fade for a long time

6.Working pressure is 1.0MPa and burst pressure is 3.5MPa in Normal woking temperature (23℃)

7.Normal operating temperature range -20℃~+80℃

8.The recommended temperature range for long-term use is -10℃~+60℃

TPU hoses are widely used for liquid transportation in general working pressure in industries, agriculture, food, medicine, civil engineering, fishery, aquaculture, garden irrigation and other fields. Such as: pneumatic pipes, hydraulic pipes, garden water pipes, oil and water pipes, oil exploration pipes, etc. Pneumatic tube is also called trachea and pneumatic hose.  TPU pneumatic tube has stable quality, high pressure resistance, weather resistance, abrasion resistance, tortuous resistance, smooth and flexible tube body, bright color, high elasticity, and bending resistance. The bending radius is small. TPU is divided into many types such as polyether TPU, polyester TPU, polycaprolactone TPU, and modified TPU. Commonly used are polyether, polyester and modified TPU. Different kinds of TPU can suit for kinds of pneumatic tubes’ special requirement. The air-passing equipment mainly uses polyester pneumatic tubes, the air-passing and water-passing equipment mainly uses polyether pneumatic tubes, and the special hoses mainly use modified TPU.

Pneumatic pipes are mainly used for pneumatic and pneumatic tools, gas pipelines, instruments, machinery, lubricating oil transmission lines, circulation of non-corrosive chemical objects, process adjustment and control, automated assembly lines, laboratories, robotics, general industrial water and gardening.

The production of TPU pneumatic tube requires TPU to have good plasticizing effect, no crystal point particles, and stable OD. Kunsheng K798 and K795 are specially developed and applied to pneumatic tubes, which can solve these production problems well, make the on-site production operation simple and controllable, and make the products free from defects.

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