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Application advantages of TPU plastic in the medical industry
January 08 , 2021

There is various casters in daily life, such as baby carriage casters, luggage casters, industrial rollers, household rollers, sports equipment wheels, and medical equipment wheels and so on. medical equipment such as infusion stand, dialysis machine, ventilator, anesthesia machine, minimally invasive surgery cart, ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, hospital bed all need to use medical equipment wheels. Due to the high price of TPU, many caster manufacturers on the market currently use PVC as the injection material of wheels. PVC is not recyclable and its heavy metals will pollute environment. Although TPU is expensive, it not only has high mechanical strength, excellent wear resistance, excellent oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and outstanding compression resistance. It also has excellent impact resistance, chemical resistance, low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and high resilience. At the same time, it has good processing performance such as short demoulding time, stable size. TPU wheels features with easy to rotate, flexible, quite and no wheel mark when driving. The most important advantage of using TPU material is the environmental protection features. Therefore, more and more casters manufacturer begin to use TPU to produce casters. TPU materials will gradually and eventually replace PVC materials.

Improved tensile strength TPU B-495AL

TPU is not only widely used in medical casters but is also in medical bags and medical catheter products. TPU elastomer is an excellent material to replace PVC. Because it does not contain plasticizers, so there is no risk of phthalates migrating from medical devices to liquid medicine or the human body. In addition, TPU elastomers are easy to incinerate and will not release corrosive substances and other dangerous chemicals. The tear strength of TPU elastomer is also significantly higher than that of PVC and other alternative materials, so TPU can be made into thin-walled catheters and medical bags with higher internal pressure resistance. Medical devices made with TPU are not only more durable and less materials consumption, but are also toughness and durability. Compared with ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) and thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer (TPO), TPU elastomer also has better transparency, which can ensure crystal-clear beauty products appearance.

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