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The function and production process of TPU air cushion shoe sole
December 31 , 2021

Air-cushioned shoes refer to an air storage cavity between the upper part of the sole and the lower part of the sole. The air storage cavity and the air inlet and outlet channels ventilate each other. The air inlet pores is vertically set at the rear end of the shoe. The air outlet pores are horizontally set on the upper part of the shoe sole.

The main difference between air cushion shoes and ordinary sports shoes is have or haven’t air cushions shoe sole.The air cushion is made of special rebound plastic material TPU, which can effectively absorb part of the reaction force, reduce the burden on the feet, and foot feel more comfortably; the design of the air cushion is to reduce the shock caused by the impact of the ankle and ground impact during daily walking, it can also provide additional shock absorbers and support.

Extrusion blow molding is to clamp the tubular parison which extruded by the extruder into a blow mold in a hot state, and then inject 0.20~0.69MPa compressed air into the parison to expand the tube blank into the cavity shape. Demold the TPU air cushion under pressure.

Because TPU is easy to absorb moisture and easy to hydrolyze, TPU material without fully dried is hard to processed. The surface of injection products made of unfully dried TPU will have bubbles or silver streaks, and the surface of extruded products made of unfully dried TPU will appear uneven, dull and foam. It is recommended that the TPU raw materials must be fully dried to a moisture content of less than 0.05% before processing. Masterbatch mixed with TPU natural color particles must be fully dried together. Usually, a circulating air dryer or a dehumidifying dryer is used to dry TPU. It is recommended drying about 3 hours under 80-110°C.

Recycled TPU material must be crushed before mix with new TPU material and  must be dried again before use. Recycled materials are not allowed for More than 30% of the overall raw materials in case it affects the mechanical properties of the product. In addition, the recycled material should not be stored for too long time.

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