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TPU film used in medical, textile and shoe materials
January 14 , 2022

TPU films are mainly processed by extrusion, calendering and blow molding. TPU films with thicknesses ranging from several microns to several millimeters. TPU is a block copolymer consisting of alternating soft and hard segment sequences. It can adjust the ratio of soft and hard segments to achieve various hardness and elasticity changing. Therefore, polyurethane film has excellent tension strength, toughness and aging resistance just like TPU polyurethane elastomer. At the same time,TPU film has excellent biological and blood compatibility and chemical resistance, so it is widely used in medical products, high-end textile fabrics, industry and other fields.

TPU films are widely used in various fields such as packaging, garment lamination, shoulder straps and shoe materials. Such as fabrics and lining materials of sports shoes, hiking shoes, snow shoes, golf shoes, skates and other footwear. At present, polyurethane film is increasingly used in the production of ready-to-wear and fashion clothes. Clothing made of breathable polyurethane film material not only breathes, but also resists static electricity.

TPU film is also widely used in medical products, such as surgical gowns, medical gloves, medical mattresses, ice packs, bandages, plasma belts, condoms, wound dressings, artificial organs, etc. Waterproof and breathable polyurethane medical gloves provide excellent water vapor permeability, bacteria resistance and comfort.

Polyurethane film is optically transparent, soft touch, high stretchability, durable and easy to process, waterproof and breathable, and is widely used in daily life as a high-grade or special textile fabric. Medical clothing fabric made of polyurethane film features with breathable, antibacterial, anti-liquid permeation, long-term washing and steam sterilization without degradation and reasonable price.

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