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Erke a brand supported by polymer materials became popular overnight
August 06 , 2021

Erke donated 50 million yuan in materials to Henan's rainstorm-stricken areas under the circumstances of its own poor management! Countless netizens moved and support this conscientious enterprise with various "wild consumption"

As a well-known sports brand in China, Erke leaves a low-key impression to people. Erke has been working hard on running shoes, sports shoes and other series of products, and has independently developed a number of material cushioning technologies.

Qidan technology running shoes
With nearly 20 years of technological experience in the sports industry and sensitive  to tendency, Erke has concentrated on creating domestic technology products- Erkeqi series products. Erkeqi are cost-effective domestic large carbon plates running shoes.

Qidan is a kind of midsole cushioning material of Erke running shoes. It is called a revolutionary artificial muscle material, which is softer, lighter and more elastic than ordinary cushioning materials.  Erke’s Qidan technology is mainly aimed at the midsole, adding the self-developed intelligent fluid material α-FLEX to the midsole.

Erke's α-FLEX is a transparent intelligent fluid material, which greatly improves the cushioning and resilience of shoe sole. Wear on the shoes which made of α-FLEX foamed material is feels like stepping on a soft latex pad. The sole is also equipped with a polyurethane elastomer (TPU) stable structure to improve the support of the upper.

Qidan 2.0 running shoes is one of  Erke's typical series of products. Its upper adopts a high-elastic flying woven upper material. In addition to ensuring the overall breathability of the running shoes, it also improves the wrapping experience of running shoes wearing.

For the heel part of the Qidan 2.0 running shoes, Erke made an enveloping TPU design, which aims to provide reliable support and multi-dimensional protection for the running shoes.

For the arch part of the shoe, Erke made an elongated carbon plate module design to improve the overall torsion resistance of the running shoes.

In addition to the constantly praised Qidan technology, in August last year, Erke released another brand-new self-developed material cushioning technology-"Jidan Technology". Jidan Technology shows super resilience. Compared with the conventional midsole, the resilience performance is increased by 37.5%, and the wearer has a good exercise experience. The stable TPU anti-rollover bracket doubles the stability of the shoe, and the enhancement of the anti-rollover performance also reduces the wearer's injury during lateral movement.

In addition, the outsole design of the Jidan shoes is ingenious. Different outsole patterns make the shoes with excellent grip performance whether indoor or outdoor, the grip performance is excellent.

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