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Requirements for TPU materials in the automated production of mobile phone
December 03 , 2021

The manipulator of injection molding machine can be used for automatic nozzles, in-mold inserts, in-mold labeling, out-of-mold assembly, shaping, sorting, stacking, product packaging, mold optimization, etc.

Manipulator of the injection molding machine is more and more widely used to lower the cost of labor. The application of automatic plastic molding is widely applied. Injection product quality is related to the performance of the injection molding machine itself, mold technology and surrounding environment, Physical properties of plastic raw material. Production efficiency is related to mold accuracy, molding process, and production quantity;

MI of TPU granule greatly fluctuate from batch to batch is easy to cause material shortage of finished products. Because at a certain processing temperature and injection pressure, only raw materials within a certain MI range can be produced, and the raw materials exceeding the MI range are prone to produce defective products, such as dissatisfaction.

Too low MI is with insufficient fluidity and the flow resistance is large, so the gel is difficult to fill into the mold. This situation may be caused by the following reasons:

a) Poor fluidity of the TPU plastic material;

b) The processing temperature of the barrel is set too low or the temperature does not reach the set value.

c) Although the fluidity of plastic material in the barrel is good, the temperature drops too fast after flowing into the mold runner, and the fluidity in the cavity of the mold runner is poor which resulting in unsatisfactory filling.

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