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Tips for defect-free extrusion of TPU
March 18 , 2022

Tips for defect-free extrusion of TPU




1. Increase die temperature and processing temperature

2. Reduce cooling water temperature

3. Check damage or impurities in the die

weld lines

1. Increase Processing temperature

2. Increase Inner pressure of die head

3. Adjust Machine head position and temperature

4. Fully dry material

Poor transparency

1. Increase extrusion temperature

2. Reduce screw speed or cooling water temperature

3. Choose transparency material

4. Reduce additive adding

Dimensional variations

1. Material pollution

2. Reduce temperature or change feed zone

3. Slow the traction

4. Die head is damaged

5. Check dryer and conveyor system


1. Check dryer and conveyor system

2. Check whether air is escaping at air connection point on mold

3. Material insufficient feed in

4. Increase Extrusion temperature


Hose too glossy

1. Reduce extrusion temperature

2. Increase water temperature in cooling bath

3. Increase speed of extruder

4. Reduce mold temperatures

Tear in hose wall

1. Increase die temperature

2. Reduce material viscosity

3. Foreign material or material pollution

4. Material coking

 Specks and spots on extrudate

1. Check and clean dryer for foreign material

2. Check and clean screw

3. Change the filter screen

4. Reduce extrusion temperature

5. Keep all material containers tightly sealed until needed to prevent material pollution

Gel matter in extrudate

1. Reduce Processing speed

2. Adjust temperatures

3. Check foreign material in processing material

4. Purge or mechanically clean die head and screw

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