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TPU thermoplastic resins used in electronic products
June 02 , 2022

TPU particles is more and more often used in electronic products such as consumer electronic devices electronics housing and overmoulded plastic electronic parts, electronic devices parts.

TPU thermoplastic resins permit greater soft touch, flexibility, strength, abrasion resistance and non-yellowing attributes to the electronic devices which experience wear and tear everyday。

Our advanced TPU material brand Koslen TPU delivers the Anti-yellowin, durability, comfort touch and feel , wearable, good color-ability and safe skin contact properties to customers’ electronic products.

Our TPU thermoplastic resins widely used in watch bands, headsets, protective cases, laptops housing, screen protection film, electronic parts, overmoulded plastic parts, but not limited to these.

We also provide customization service for customers. Such as the electronic cigarette holder which required FDA certification and food conveyor belt that required EU regulations

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