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Type and performance test of paint protective film
September 24 , 2021

Paint protective film is commonly known as invisible car jacket. Paint protective film is transparent and invisible on the car. The protective film covering the surface of the car paint and is to protect the original paint.

一.Don’t new painting better than original paint protection?

The difference between original paint and spray paint

1.The structure is different: the original paint is composed of four paint layers: Electrophoretic layer, medium coating, paint layer and varnish layer. However, there isn’t ectrophoretic layer paint in the painting process of the later 4S shop (or non-4S shop)

2. The effect is different: the original paint is baked and formed at a high temperature in the dust-free workshop, making it more delicate and uniform; the post-painting is prone to impurities, and the service life is shorter. With a long time, there will be color difference between the post-paint parts and original paint part.

The paint condition will greatly affect the preservation of the luxury car's value. Costs of special paint are very high. So choose paint protective film to protect the paint from environmental and accidental damage, and keep the paint in good condition for a long time.

二. What are the materials of paint protective film

Nowadays, Paint protective film are usually made from PVC, TPH and TPU.


PVC is the traditional invisible car clothing materials on the market. After being processed into invisible car clothing, the structure is too hard which influence the aesthetics and adhesive layer and also cause trouble to the car.The paint will be damaged if the quality of invisible car clothing is too poor. The service life ranges from a few months to one or two years.


TPH paint protective film is brittle and weak in protection during use. Meanwhile, the adhesive layer is easy to fall off and it will cause offset printing or leftover glue on the paint surface. The service life is about two or three years.


TPU is a thermoplastic polyurethane with excellent physical properties and chemical stability. It is the most popular material in paint protective film producing. It is a mature environmentally friendly material. Its good toughness and thermal repair function make it highly sought after and the best material of invisible car clothing.The service life is 5-10 years.

As we all know, PU\PVC material has gradually withdrawn from the market. The TPU invisible car jacket has a stable automatic repair ability. The unique dense nano-coating on the surface not only provides a strong anti-corrosion ability, but also has a better repair ability. It will not inhale dust when it is restored which can keep the film intact and bright and clean for a long time. TPU paint protective film keep the car paint away from corrosion of foreign objects. It is features with long-term non-yellowing, non-cracking, etc., with a warranty time of 5-10 years.

三.How to distinguish the pros and cons of TPU car clothing film

The paint protective film is generally divided into three layers: coating (1-1.5mil), TPU substrate (5-7mil), back glue (0.5mil).

We analyze the characteristics of each layer to distinguish the pros and cons of invisible car clothing

1. TPU substrate

TPU is divided into aromatic and aliphatic.

Aromatics TPU is not resistant to yellowing or have poor yellowing resistance. Aliphatics TPU is yellowing-resistant material, it generally used to produce higher-end products. For example, medical devices. It is much more expensive compared with aromatics TPU.

Aliphatic TPU is with better impact resistance because of it’s better scratch repair and toughness performance

Toughness test

2. Adhesive

Poor quality glue has a pungent smell, and the irritating glue emits toxic fumes. When the film is peeled after a few years with bad glue, it will be degummed which will damage the paint. Good glue is easy to wrap, and it is not easy to become warped edge in the follow-up.

3. coatings

Invisible car clothing needs to have good transparency, yellowing resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, heat resistance, flexibility and stretchability, and heat repairability. The thermal repair properties, anti-permeability and corrosion resistance are realized by the coating. The coating and the TPU base film are the core functional layers of the paint protective film. Use a waterproof and oily pen to draw on the film, let it stand for a few minutes, spray it with a carburetor, and wipe it clean with a towel. If there are yellow marks or bubbles, the coating quality is poor. If there are no traces, the coating quality is good.

High-quality film can withstand high temperature resistance test without leaving any traces, otherwise it will not protect the car paint perfectly. The ignited alcohol wax putted on the film and extinguished after ten minutes. Whether there are any traces on the film.

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